The Mail are wrong about the Chinese taking over the world. Whenever I have bought anything from eBay Hong Kong there’s always some hidden cost or misleading descriptions – plus of course the six weeks it usually takes to actually receive the goods!

The guy who sold me the wireless CCTV is now asking for more money for a battery adaptor, more money to get a UK instead of US mains adaptor – oh and he quotes USD but charges GBP – so 0.5 USD that he asks for is actually 0.5 GBP (twice as much!) Hopefully it will be PAL and not NTSC television standard too.

You’ve also got to love the sellers who list the item location as London and not Hong Kong – or they register on eBay UK not HK.

eBay France is pretty bad too – nobody takes PayPal, they all want personal cheques, there’s a lot of timewasters from Nigeria and nutters who leave bad feedback for silly reasons. Everybody seems to have only one feedback – probably as they’ve had to register a new account to avoid all the negative feedback.

eBay US is pretty good as most of them are businesses, although a lot won’t ship outside of the US – which is a shame given the state of the Dollar 😉 I just don’t think eBay works very well internationally.

Anyway, my cold is getting better, but my stye is not 🙁

Update: the eBay guy is going to send me the CCTV with the UK adaptors at no extra charge now, although he has some seriously bad feedback, so hopefully it will arrive and work.