I’ve been playing with RedHat Kickstart – which is the Linux equivalent of Solaris' Jumpstart, basically an automated network install. I kickstarted a virtualised CentOS 5.1 (RHEL 5 update 1) from Fedora 7. It was quite easy actually, you just boot from the CentOS CD, type “linux ks=nfs:….” at the grub prompt and away you go. I had to enter IP information as I wasn’t running DHCP.

I noticed that Fedora’s system-config-kickstart seems to add “%end” statements that don’t seem to be compatible with CentOS’s kickstart parser, but other than that it works. I selected the packages to install, network info etc. and added a few post-install commands to add/remove users, disable services, configure the firewall and do a yum update. After about 15mins you’re all done and have a graphical login screen!

I got my car CD controller fixed this morning, work was mainly getting new software installed on the servers.

I watched Over Her Dead Body, which was an OK comedy about a woman who dies on her wedding day and then procedes to haunt the psychic her fiance visits. It was better than Dead Clever, which I’m currently watching, which is about a woman who frames her husband for her own murder.