I’m back in France for some R&R to get over my back pains from the car crash. The weather’s been lovely for a couple of days – at least 28C.

We noticed that the spray job on my car isn’t 100%, so that will be at least another two days faffing around with Citroen.

I’ve added tag support to my blog, so you can see the tag cloud on the right sidebar, which shows what I’ve been writing about mostly – the bigger the text, the more entries. Its more fine-grained than just categories.

I opened up my Mac Mini and upgraded it to 2Gb RAM. It wasn’t too hard – definitely needed two very thin putty knives. I followed the tutorial here.

I upgraded to OSXBMC 0.4.5 yesterday and found that the web GUI isn’t as reliable as the Xbox version, it seems to crash the application – something MacOSX is not very good at handling.

I installed VMWare Fusion on the Mac now it has more RAM. I used the auto-install feature to install WinXP Pro x64 and even used an NFS mount to store the VMDK’s. It all worked pretty well, even installing the Tools and connecting the WiFi/Bluetooth drivers for you. Like Workstation it has USB2.0 support, instead of USB1.1 like Server does.

We watched National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets last night, it was alright, not as good as the first and a bit too Indiana Jones for my liking.

VirtualBox (aka Sun xVM) 1.6 has been released – with support for Solaris and Mac hosts!

Update: I’ve just installed the RPMforge repository for CentOS 5.1, along with the Priorities plugin (stops nasty repo’s overwriting RedHat packages) and it works a treat – all the multimedia stuff has installed without screwing up any packages or even using dependencies from the base RPMs.

I installed the WinTV Express card in my CentOS box, and it works fine, I have TVtime displaying the output from that wireless CCTV I got from eBay Hong Kong – and it turns out the range is essentially line-of-site, as it worked fine when the receiver and camera were next to each other, but in the next room I got no signal at all – plus the audio can just about be heard if you click your fingers next to the camera with your speakers on full blast. So eBay UK: 1 (for WinTV), eBay HK: 0 (for CCTV).