I’m back from my couple of weeks in France. The weather was lovely and we even went to the mobile home for a few days. I was there for Pippa’s birthday too.

Work’s been busy-ish since I got back – mainly catching up on what’s been going on since I’ve been away. Weather’s been pretty good for Ipswich too.

I’ve been to the doctors – he said that I’ve probably torn some ligaments (or something like that) in my back, which takes longer to heal than a kneck injury, which is just stretching of the ligaments. A physiotherapist is going to be getting back to me within a couple of days for a consultation.

It turns out that the garage only sanded/repainted my bumper and not completely replaced it as they first said. I got my 130ukp refund from my insurers as the bloke who crashed into me admitted responsibility, so I’m back up to 5 years no-claims discount as well.

I got a new GPS a couple of days ago – which I’ve hacked to boot into Windows Mobile 5 from a 4Gb SDHC card so I can run TomTom6, Destinator7, IGO8 etc; instead of the rubbish TurboDog5 that came with it. HowTo.

Its a bloody bank holiday on Monday 🙁