Urgh I hate bank holidays – when you’ve got nothing to do (and have a cold!) they can really drag – plus you don’t get paid! Weather’s been pretty good lately though.

I’ve been playing with my GPS a bit more, and I really like iGO8. I tried to get it to direct me from Boulogne to Chaillac without going through Paris, and it found the same route that I usually take – after I told it to go via some point on the N154. I also installed the 3D buildings, which are quite cool. It can also tell you if you’re speeding silently via an onscreen warning, and it can tell you about UK speed cameras too.

I watched Semi-Pro, which was a pretty bad example of Will Ferrell’s latest work. I think the guy plays the same character in all his movies – which all seem to be about sports too!

How To Rob A Bank was much better, with the guy from T3 and the very sexy girl from Swimfan.

The Andromeda Strain was a pretty good mini-series, the usual super virus from space stuff.

The Forbidden Kingdom should have been much better, starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan – instead of a KungFu action movie it was a fantasy along the lines of Big Trouble In Little China!

21 was a pretty good film about a bunch of MIT students who become card counters in Vegas.

I tried VMWare Workstation 6.5beta2 the other day, and must say it was pretty appalling. Even less stable than Fusion 1.1.2 its looking likely to not be an alternative to Server 2 on Linux. Things like the auto-installer just not working at all, changes to config not sticking, and the downright failure to import old VM’s or create new ones was a bit of an issue! 😉

It seems that the XBMC for MacOSX team have pissed off the XBMC devs by not releasing sourcecode quickly enough, so not sure how long that project will stay viable. Apparently the official team have an OSX port, although I can’t find it…..