Incredibly boring day at work today. My agency is trying to make all sorts of changes mid-contract, to which I say a royal “fuck off”, plus I don’t seem to have been paid for last week yet.

I played a bit more with VMWare Workstation 6.5beta2 again today, it seems Solaris 9 and 10 tools are completely broken and 64-bit support is pretty rubbish. I’m seriously thinking of nuking my Fedora7 install at work and installing Fedora9 to try Xen/KVM again.

I just watched Vantage Point which was a story taken from the perspectives of various people involved in a presidential assassination attempt. It was a nice enough concept but watching essentially the same scene six or more times got pretty boring!

Jumper was much better, although not many people seem to have liked it (and I was a bit annoyed at the open ending) I thought it was pretty good – about a chap who could teleport.

I read that Terminator4 is going to be a PG13, which means its going to go all Disney and be merchandising-centric with a crap plotline for the kiddies. I can’t really see cyborgs ripping their flesh off to reveal endoskeletons in this one!