I reformatted my 2.5″ external hard disk last night – well first I tried resizing with GParted, which worked but was going to take 4 hours to copy the data onto the new partition, so I quit it and did it manually. So now I have a 45Gb NTFS primary partition (Windows only sees the first partition of an external drive) and a 100Gb ext3 partition. It works a treat on Linux using ntfs-3g, and also on WindowsXP (although seem to have permissions issues on NTFS) which handled a 3.8Gb ISO file fine, and I even managed to use Acronis to backup my F7 laptop to the NTFS partition. The office laptop and desktop powered the drive via USB just fine, I didn’t need the extra power cable as with eSATA.

I received my GPS case and it fits the Navigo a treat. Also got my 100 RJ11 connectors from eBay Hong Kong, and it didn’t take a month this time!

I’ve got some paperwork to fill in before I have my medical exam for my back injuries. Phoned Mum & Dad and they seem to be OK – Mum’s getting over this bug we’ve both had. Pip & Phil are having house stress still.

Just got back from the pub – its quite a nice day to sit in the beer garden with a pint of Old Speckled Hen 😉