I’ve not done much this weekend, I’m not wonderfully motivated for some reason.

Saturday I went out and did my first real test of the new GPS – it went pretty well actually, I like the way it says go over the roundabout, or turn right at the roundabout, not just take 2nd exit or 3rd exit, plus its accurate – my old Acer was always 200m out in the UK (France was alright).The speed camera database is interesting, it seems to show that most of the signs are bullshit, as there really aren’t any cameras around. Some of the speed limits are wrong though, a lot of places were 40mph that the GPS said were 30mph, but I guess its better than the other way around.

I got Mum a new mobile phone from Carphone Warehouse, its nice to have a new one instead of something off of ebay, plus they made a mistake and gave me 20ukp worth of calls, so the phone only cost a tenner or so! I found an OK out-of-town shopping centre with Asda, B&Q, CPW, Comet, Pizzahut, KFC etc.

I might go see Nanny next weekend, now I’m over my cold. I’ve got to do some shopping in Brighton before I go home to France, and I’ve only got three weekends left now. Although I think Pip & Co. might be going down there.

I’ve not done much today (Sunday) other than watch the Lost4 finale and some Survivorman videos, which isn’t as good as Ray Mears or Bear Grylls, possibly because he’s Canadian and its all a bit watered-down, like he never seems to hunt or be in any real danger, or even outside of America for that matter!

I was going to install Fedora9 on my work laptop, but I’m thinking I might need to get Windows put back on it soon for using the corporate VPN, so for now I’ve just updated my Fedora7 install.