I’ve been playing around with version control today. Instead of just recreating an old Subversion repository, I thought I’d try out Git. So I install git-svn and imported the old SVN repo, and within seconds had a working Git repo.

What I like so far is that you only have your local copy, you don’t need a /var/svn or svn-over-http on a webserver, just ~/svn or whatever. The strange thing is that you have to ‘add' changes before you can ‘commit'. With CVS/SVN etc; ‘adding' is usually for a new file – unless that is part of the git-svn import process…..

I really like QGit, which is a KDE GUI for Git. It has the usual diff, checkins, logs etc; but it also displays the file with lines numbered to show which revision the change to that line was made in! It’s much nicer than RapidSVN, which I’ve always thought was a bit basic.

Just watched Drillbit Taylor, which was a pretty poor school-bully comedy.

I phoned Dad as its Fathers' Day and they’re back from their trip, he sounds OK. Mum’s a bit worried about my gran having an operation. Clio the cat is pissing inside the house, so she’s either annoyed I’m not there, or getting dirty. I’m going to try to find some of that pepper spray stuff that puts them off.

Update: forgot to mention that I used my new GPS to get me to Kev’s, it was great, I did it in two hours door-to-door. I especially like that when you go in the Dartford Tunnel it switches the display to night mode, and even though the GPS signal is lost it still carries on navigating – I guess using the speed limit or the previous speed to calculate how far through the tunnel you are.

The speed camera database is useful too – especially in built-up areas like Croydon, where there are 20mph speed limits now! It even had the stupid 50mph average speed cameras on the M25.