Work was incredibly boring today as I was waiting on a vendor to sort their shit out before I could do my testing. That didn’t happen, so I did about an hour’s work today – mainly updating the bug-tracker, sorting out my laptop and helping with the IPv6 stuff.

The whole world seems a bit slow today – there didn’t even seem to be anything happening in the news.

I got my new 24″ monitor – wow 1920×1200 desktops are absurdly large! Its quite odd to see the intarweb stretched that wide – and emails that aren’t correctly set to wrap at 76 columns end up on practically one line!

I thought I had a dead pixel, but it only showed up on work’s desktop, not the laptop so I think it must have been a rubbish VGA cable. I can’t wait to get home and connect the Mac up to its DVI port and play a HD movie via OSXBMC!

I also got three USB keyboards (Logitech) and mice (Microsoft) to go with the Mac and laptop and replace the rubbish ebuyer keyboard I have on the fileserver.

I’ve got physio again tomorrow, I really wish it was a Thai massage parlour or something instead of the house of pain it is!