I’ve done my pre-France shop, wow Asda is a crazy place on the weekend – especially when you don’t know where anything is and end up wandering for two hours. Good point is the ability to chat up young women whilst looking for baby stuff for my niece.

Everyone was complaining that they’ve stopped stocking the stuff they usually buy and how much better Tesco’s would be – although I went to Asda as I find Tesco’s has never got any stock!

Mouthy cow on the till saw all the shopping and remarked “I hope this is a monthly shop”, I should have told her I have an eating disorder or some wasting disease! The staff are hired from “Morons R Us” I think though, as at least three I asked had no clue what was even in the aisle they were standing in!

Also the decent aftershave is in a separate display stand by the exit for some unknown reason, not with the shaving equipment in the aisle with the Old Spice and Brut.

I’ve still got to get perishable some stuff from Tesco and will be driving around with the shopping and hoover in my boot for the next few days as I can’t be arsed to lug it all up and down three flights of stairs. Getting two monitors, printer, PC, laptop, clothes etc; in should be interesting.

Funnily enough I got home and thought “wow I don’t have any food in” as I’ve completely forgotten to do any shopping for myself for the next week; fuck it I’ll go to the local Tesco tomorrow or something.

I also went into town this morning – God I had forgotten how awful that place is, and they’ve done something to the carpark which resulted in me driving into and out of about three spaces over two floors trying to find one I could A). get into; B). get out of my door, and C). not have the wanker in the pimped out Nissan or enormous SUV next to me scratch my car. Why they have two spaces separated by a stone pillar and sometimes also a drainpipe I’ll never know! Plus the driving lane isn’t wide enough to allow you to reverse into a space. I assume its a special carpark for cyclists or Mini drivers…..

Marks & Spencer was pleasant at least – straight in, got my pants (easy directions around the store) went to till (also well signposted) complete with tasty checkout girl, paid, left. Job done. Wilkos wasn’t too bad either.

Went to two banks – one to sort out an extra business card, well their computers were down so a very tasty clerk scribbled something on a scrap of paper, so I doubt that’ll get processed. The other bank I went to to check my change of address said they won’t have received the paperwork yet as it takes 10 working days to go up to head office and back again – despite the form saying to send it to your local branch instead of head office.

Update: I managed to get all the shopping, the hoover and some computer bits in the boot, so should be fine with the rear and passenger seats for luggage.