Its been way too long since my last post, and now I’m back in France I have plenty to write about in the Personal category and a few for the Movies category, so much that I’m going to leave it for another day or just skip it altogether!

So I thought I’d bung in some quick techie snippets instead:

I’ve been playing with Oracle 11gR1 on Linux and 10gR2 on Solaris today, coding up some auditing scripts, which has gotten me back into Bourne Shell programming, ooh its been nice. I’ve also been using Git a lot more too, although mainly from the CLI rather than the QGit GUI – which is nice, but not my thing really, GUI’s just seem to slow me down.

Yesterday I finally got my RT2500 wireless card working in the laptop I’m giving Mum. I ditched Fedora9 and CentOS 5.2 as RedHat seem to be doing their best to destroy wifi – indeed a recent kernel patch stopped any wifi but Atheros chipsets from working at all. Anyway, I hate to say it, but I installed Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop and wireless worked out-of-the-box.

I’ve been playing with OSXBMC on the Mac Mini – although now they’ve renamed it “Plex” and are merging with some skin-project called CenterStage. I played my first HD movie on my new 24″ widescreen monitor and its great!

I’ve converted my middle bedroom into a computer room, so now have half a dozen computers and God knows how much network equipment all buzzing away with their flashing LED’s in just one room – and not where I’m trying to sleep! I’ve been looking on eBay for a print server, but they’re either too expensive to ship from the UK or the French are dicking around, so I think I’ll give up.

When the shell’s finished (pretty soon) I’ll probably move one of the PC’s in there, with an old CRT or something – I’ve already wired up the CAT6 and a gigabit switch!