Just watched Doomsday, which was a really good film about a deadly virus that was contained in Scotland by rebuilding Hadrian’s Wall. It had some of the cast of Dog Soldiers and was a kind of Mad Max meets 28 Days Later, the car chase scene near the end was just classic black comedy.

Yesterday I watched Freebird, which was a rubbish biker/stoner movie set in Wales.

The other day I watched Starship Troopers 3, which was typical STT stuff, although a bit more adult this time – with nudity, gore, politics and even some religion, amongst all the bug-zapping of course!

Last week I watched Mr Brooks, which was a pretty good movie about a retired serial killer forced back into the trade by a witness and his daughter.

I’ve been doing some Python/GTK+ programming – an IMDb scraper with NFO output to go with XBMC, as their built-in scrapers are slow, inaccurate and don’t give you any control, plus to get an NFO file (and optional cover image) its a two or three stage process. I’m thinking of using Glade3 for the GUI design, as box-spacers are OK for basic dialog boxes, but when you start having multiple windows it just seems like too much code devoted to layout.

We’ve been working on the shell a bit more today – loft insulation and carpet on the stairs, and thinking of getting the roof tiles replaced.