I got Wake On LAN (WOL) working on my server today, its nice to be able to turn it on from any machine on my network (including my rourter!) without having to wander to my computer room. I use ether-wake as that send magic packets, the wol package uses UDP which doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve just bought from eBay, a Linksys WPS54G wireless print server, so that I can print to my laser without having the fileserver powered on, and I can move it to a better location across the room. I’m keeping the inkjet on the fileserver as the print server doesn’t support the scanning function.

Also from eBay, I’m also getting a new WiFi card for the laptop I’ve given Mum as RT2500 support seems to be useless in Fedora9, Ubuntu 8.04 and CentOS 5.2, this one is an NEC WL54G which does 802.11B, A and G+ up to 108Mbps, which will be interesting to try with my Buffalo router which can do 125Mbps G+, I bet it doesn’t work due to the implementations differing. Well 54Mbps will be fine anyway with the Freebox. Hopefully this will work better as it can use the kernel-based ath5k or third-party MadWifi Atheros AR5002X drivers.

We’ve 99% finished the shell, we moved the snooker table and sofa in now its carpeted. Dad’s mounted the scoreboard and cue rack etc. I’ve even put my mini fridge in there to keep the beers cold! The landing and lounge in the main house look so much more spacious now too.

Update: just watched The Babysitters, about a bunch of teen babysitters who offer “extras” to the clients. It was OK, gets a bit serious after a while with them devolving into druggie-thug-pimps.