The gas installers have finally come back to finish the job – although they seem to be staring at the sewage pipe they broke and the longer bit of replacement pipe they brought with them with baffled expressions! Its quite a warm day today.

I installed VirtualBox on the new Core2Quad last night under Fedora9. There seems to be an issue running XP under VB – it uses 100% of one core of the CPU, I thought it was because I installed XP64, but it seems its a bug in XP in that it uses an ACPI kernel – the fix apparently is to replace it with a standard kernel, but it can’t be replaced in XP64, only 32-Bit. I couldn’t be bothered to reinstall XP so I installed 2003 R2 and upgraded to SP2 and even ran Windows Update from Linux:


Windows Server 2003 uses only a few percent of the CPU – it was funny to see a PC running Linux and Windows simultaneously and only using about 5% of one of the four CPU cores! I failed to get anywhere with OS/2 Warp 4.5 or eComStation 2.0 rc5 though.

I watched Indiana Jones 4 last night, that was pretty rubbish – slow, predictable and a bit dated.

Update: I’ve just converted the virtual machines on the Quad to use host bridging. It was a lot easier on Fedora9 than CentOS 5.2 (although I followed my own instructions this time) and now the VM’s can route to each other and the LAN and get dropped by the host’s firewall etc.