Just watched Hancock, which was actually an OK superhero movie with a difference – this guy didn’t really want to be a superhero and was a bit depressed!

I’m currently installing Fedora9 on the new PC, its going to be replaced by Fedora10, but I just wanted to check the hardware was all Linux-friendly and it seems it is – the installer found the SATA2 controllers fine and they’re running at 3Gbps, it identified the 1Tb drive fine and hdparm -t reports 117MB/s! It sees all the 8Gb RAM, it identified the four cores and is running the CPU in 64-Bit mode (32c temps); it identified the IDE controller fine and the network card is working fine although its using the r8169 driver for some reason, but it negotiated 1GigE so that’s lovely.

I tried to overclock the CPU again a bit earlier, but I definitely can’t get more than 3.2GHz from it – it seems Kev and I’s Q6600’s have a high VID at 1.325v, even though they’re G0 stepping, they seem to use as many volts as the B3’s. So I thought I’d stick to 3.2GHz but try to reduce the Vcore a bit – well that hasn’t worked either. So I’m sticking with 400×8 @ 1.4v as that’s rock solid with over 14 hours of Prime95.

Update: Just watched Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, which was alright but just seemed like Disney made it just to promote a few rides and a video game or something, it was very product-placement-y.