I’m back from my trip to Brighton. Brighton seems to be split into two these days – the super poor chavs, mostly made up of Muslims, single mothers and students and the uber rich Sloane rangers with their two-Jags and Mercedes 4×4’s.

Shoreham and Worthing haven’t changed that much – I was surprised to see how many of the little highstreet shops (like Top Banana and Adur Travel) were still in business, probably helped by all the development of the Ropetackle area.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been having terrible memory issues, I guess I got out of my routine. I might look out for a whiteboard for my computer room, bigger than the one in the kitchen (which is for shopping list).

I’ve built my new PC, the case is amazingly large, as is the CPU heatsink/fan – a 3″ cube of aluminium and copper heatpipes with the capacity for 4x120mm fans! I was very impressed with the screws, cables, thermal compound etc. that came with it – I didn’t have to supply anything myself and I’ve even got some spare SATA cables.

Its currently running Vista64 as I’m waiting for Fedora10 before putting Linux on it. I managed to overclock it from its stock 2.4GHz to a nice 3.2GHz easily enough with 8x400FSB at 1.4V. Temps are 31c idle and the maximum I’ve got it to after 11 hours of Prime95 on all four cores is 58c load. I tried all ways to get it to 3.4 or 3.6GHz, but even though it will boot it bluescreens under any load, and I don’t fancy upping the voltage any further than the 1.45V I tried, so I’ll stick with a rock solid 33% overclock.


My central heating install is being delayed even further, apart from the gas board not filling in the holes in the road, the plumber isn’t coming for over a week and hasn’t purchased the radiators yet. Its getting pretty cold here lately too, although my fire is keeping me nice and warm in the lounge.

Pip & Co. came over last night and we tested out my new Henry after haircutting – JP is very hoover-proficient and knows all the adaptors/switches etc. I’m very impressed with it, its amazing how it easily picks up stuff you’ve never even noticed before, let alone been able to hoover up; and it switches from tile to rug nicely too.

I’m having an easy day today, watching a film and some Heroes etc; M&D might come over later for pool and curry night. Ooh I’ve got to go put the washing out whilst its sunny/windy and then get some diesel.