No, don’t feint, I haven’t actually thrown out any old computers (in fact I found my old K6-2/350 in the loft the other day!)

I moved my Pentium4 machine into the silver case that was holding the partially-built Athlon. It all went back together quite well, in fact the front USB/Firewire that never worked with the Athlon work with the P4. There was a lot of dust in the old case, as well as a beetle (I think it was John Lennon) and a moth.

I removed the two black DVD burners that will go in my new Core2Quad when it arrives, same goes for the hard disk coolers and TV card. So now the P4 has the old silver NEC 4571A burner.

The P4 now also has a lot less additional fans, it just has the two built-in ones at the front cooling the hard drives, the top blowhole and the rear 120mm that I added – which I got on backwards so its actually blowing cool air in rather than hot air out, but it seems to be cooler by about a degree, so I guess I had enough negative air pressure already – maybe as the PSU has two 80mm fans sucking out, the case is bigger and there’s less PCI cards and drives in there now. Its also a bit quieter.

I turned off the cold cathode after about 3mins, as the light really gets in your eyes. I might turn it back on when I move the P4 to the other desk.