I found that I can’t compile PIPS for my Epson RX425 scanner/printer on Fedora10, and the RPM’s don’t seem to work, despite installing OK. It works fine attached to the CentOS 5.2 or Fedora7 boxes. There’s a Gutenprint driver for it, but it doesn’t appear to like printing to PIPS, so I guess it would work if directly plugged in, rather than across the network.

So if I need to print in colour I have to use the CentOS box for now, same goes for scanning, which is no big issue, but its a bit disturbing that Epson (Epkowa) did make drivers and continued support up until about Fedora6, and its not been updated since. I wonder if iScan is still being developed.

At least the Samsung laser works no problems on the print server.

Interestingly enough, I managed to save the key3.db and signon3.txt files from my F7 box and copy them onto my F10 box and Firefox loaded them fine. Which means that if you can get at these files on someone else’s machine, you have access to all their saved logins without having to decrypt anything. I wonder if having a master password protects against that…?