I needed a Fedora9 i386 development box the other day, so I did a minimal install over NFS using VirtualBox.

Just boot from the netinst.iso and have the DVD.iso in an NFS mountpoint – that’s right, you don’t even have to extract the files from the ISO image anymore, the anaconda installer figures out which ISO to use and mounts it via loopback it seems.

I was looking into iSCSI yesterday as an interesting replacement for NFS, until I found that its a one client per server interface – i.e. still need to share the block device over NFS if you want to connect multiple clients to it!

Update: I got Sybase ASE 15.0.2 ESD13 installed on CentOS 5.2 under VirtualBox tonight, mainly using these instructions. Its better than 1500 on CentOS 4.3, but still not a straightforward install:


I just watched the utterly rubbish The Strangers, which was another Texas Chainsaw Masacre wannabe.