I’ve got a cold today, so taking it easy. I’ve watched some films as I don’t feel like doing much, but they’ve all been a bit naff.

Lakeview Terrace, about an arsehole cop who makes the lives of those who live around him a nightmare.

Transporter 3. Pretty good, but I really think its time they broke the mould, as the Transporter films seem to have a recipe:

  • Someone’s daughter gets kidnapped and Frank has to transport her;
    • She’s a pain in the arse, but still falls for Frank;
      • Frank’s client tries to kill him;
        • Frank’s house gets destroyed;
          • Frank has a fight scene or two where he kicks the arses of a dozen or so guys;
            • Lots of fast driving scenes – although this time it was an Audi, not a Mercedes. At least it was better than Transporter 2 I guess, back to the Transporter 1 roots.

              Finally I watched Ghost Town, which could be described as a comedy version of Ghost or Sixth Sense – some guy can see ghosts and has to help them, whilst falling in love. The problem was it wasn’t very funny, and the romance bit featured more than the ghosts bit.

              I’ve also been playing with my LAN bandwidth again today. I’ve been testing three Linux boxes with gigabit cards and can get up to about 90MBytes/s, or around 700Mbits/sec using iperf, which is not bad, although I never see that kind of speed when transferring files over rsync, NFS or sftp. I also had another go at enabling jumbo frames with an MTU of 7168, but it still doesn’t work. I guess disk is the bottleneck as only the 1Tb drive in my Core2Quad can manage 120Mbps reads, the 250/500Gb drives are maxed out at about 70Mbps, and probably less for write operations. Maybe I’ll try RAID striping a couple of the 250Gb’s in my Pentium4 sometime.

              Update: just found a really useful Firefox plugin called Firebug, it lets you inspect the HTML/CSS/Javascript of any element on a web page – and even change them. Very handy for when you’re trying to modify a bit of a WordPress stylesheet but can’t figure out if the element is an h2 or a sidebar.caption