I’ve changed the theme of my blog, so that I can move the tag cloud to the right, as you were starting to have to scroll down a lot to see everything on the right-hand sidebar, now its a more newspaper-esque 3-column affaire.

The new look is based on a heavily-modified CognoBlue theme – I’ve removed most of their sidebar code (now just uses WordPress' built-in sidebar widgets) and changed the stylesheet, header and footer templates, as well as adding the tag list back into the page templates and making the single post meta the same look as the other page types (i.e. with the tags and edit link included). I even had to fix a typo in one file: “Previose post”!

I’ve also had to edit the quickcode stylesheet to add some trailing padding, otherwise the blue code blocks almost run into the text.

Now all the sidebar content fits within a 1280×1024 screen, although it won’t fit the width of 800×600 anymore, but 1024×768 will be fine.