I just figured out how to get my EpsonRX425 multifunction printer to work under Fedora10, over the network via CUPS to the CentOS 5.2 server its connected to.

  1. rpm -Uvh pips-sprx420_425_430s-cups-2.6.2-3.i386.rpm
  2. uncomment the application/octet-stream line in the server’s /etc/cups/mime.convs file, to allow raw printing (fix found here)
  3. on the local (F10) machine, add a printer with uri ipp://centos52box/printers/EpsonRX425

In fact the Avasys (Epkowa/Epson Japan) website now lists Fedora 10 as a supported platform, and even provides 64-Bit iScan RPM’s!

So I can print in colour again now, although I think I’m out of ink again anyway, thank God for the laser!