I got JunOS Olive 9.0 installed under VirtualBox today.

Basically followed the VMWare instructions here, which are essentially:

  1. Do a minimal install of FreeBSD 4.11, with the majority of disk space allocated to /var (4Gb disk, 256Mb RAM)
  2. Setup a serial pipe and connect via “socat unix-client:/tmp/vbox.pipe -”
  3. Setup a network interface via the CLI, reboot:
set interfaces em0 unit 0 family inet address
commit and-quit
  1. scp the files across and “pkg_add jinstall-7.3R3.6-domestic-signed.tgz”, reboot
  2. repeat #3 to upgrade to 9.0R1.10
  3. install jWeb: “pkg_add jweb-9.0R1.10-signed.tgz”, reboot
  4. enable jWeb via the CLI, which requires changing the root password, reboot:
set system root-authentication plain-text-password
set system services web-management http interface em0.0
commit and-quit
  1. enable SSH and other goodies via jWeb

Here is a screenshot of the web GUI and the console – with Olive9 the serial pipe is not needed as it displays on the VGA console.

I’ve also been doing a lot more Nessus plugin writing lately, so might work on something for auditing JunOS config later.

There’s two inches of snow outside.