It was Mum’s birthday yesterday, Pip & Co and I went over for a little party which was lovely. We got Mum (and Dad) a jacuzzi.

Today I’ve been playing with the new version of iGO 8 on my GPS – 8.3.2, which meant more setting up of maps, speedcam databases and backing up of favourites/POI’s etc. I’ve got it working nicely now, with the March09 software and November08 maps, so can test it out when we go to England – I’m taking a backup SD card with 8.0.0 just in case! 😉

Update: I found that you’re supposed to be able to import Google Earth and Google Maps .kml files into iGO8, but after about two hours of trying to figure out where in the directory structure to put them and using various converters and even corrupting the FAT16 filesystem and reformatting the SDHC card twice, I gave up!

Update 2: it seems version 2.2.0 beta1 of VirtualBox has been released with the new feature of hardware-accelerated 3D via OpenGL on Linux guests amongst other changes.