Its been a while since my last post, so here’s an update.

I got back from my trip to Dover/Ramsgate, I can’t stand the hussle and traffic, the weather is shite too, it was freezing and rainy for three days. The new ferry was nice, but the crossing was slow and the sailing times are useless.

The new iGO 8.3.2 GPS software worked well – I like the way it pronounces the roads now instead of just “turn right”, and also as you’re approaching an exit you need to take it displays the lane signs, highlighting the one you need to be interested in.

I’ve now got my on-off cold back again, so starting my fourth month of being ill, I tell you next winter I’m going to Spain or wearing a facemask or perhaps living in a bubble like Michael Jackson!

I got my new Sky+ box and found that you can’t record/pause etc without a subscription, which is a shame, glad I didn’t buy a load of satellite cable now. I’ve got a SkyHD remote but apparently you can reprogram it to work in Sky+ mode.

I’ve been playing with some Nessus stuff today, as well as VirtualBox – with 2.2.0b1 they still haven’t fixed the Solaris guest additions, the mouse works now but screen resizing still crashes.

I finally got paid for an insurance claim I made about three years ago, so well done for promptness you Allianz arseholes. I also phoned up to renew my RAC breakdown etc; and they actually tried to sell me a 99ukp extra on a policy that only costs 66ukp!