My server has been up and down for the last couple of days. After almost constant Emailing between myself and my host, we figured out that some numpty in the datacentre was using a PXE boot with DHCP and had stolen my IP, which means the switch must be a bit shit when it comes to storing ARP tables, and who uses a routable IP address to PXE boot from?!

Anyway, to help avoid it in future I’ve setup round-robin DNS on my server, so any hostname resolves to two IP’s, only one has reverse DNS though, and I also have a third for emergencies which doesn’t have any DNS, see:

$ dig
...	15	IN	CNAME		15	IN	A		15	IN	A

My new PSU for the router has arrived, so M&D are back online/phone.

I’ve also upgraded the blog to the latest WordPress 2.8.2