Mum, Pip and I went and got rescue cats today. Three little grey ones.

My cat is called Picasso after my car (as Clio is after my old car) and Pico for short, which means small, and is also the text editor part of the Pine email client, to keep on the techie theme 😉


Clio is a bit scared of Pico for some reason, despite the fact that Clio is about ten times her size – at least we think its a “her”! They’re getting on better as time goes on – at least occupying the same room at the moment.

Mum’s new cat Bubbles is a hit with her dogs Fred and Barney; Fred just wants to whine at it all the time and Barney just wants to lick it. Their cat Leia seems to be coping better than Clio.

I watched Crank 2 High Voltage earlier, which was much weirder that the original, and a bit too far fetched.