I received the 2nd hard disk bay for my work laptop today so installed the 160Gb drive and installed 64-Bit Fedora 12 using my instructions in this earlier post.

Well it all went well except that I selected the optional repositories at install time, so the install took about three hours, and it seems that ALL of the available software for Fedora got installed – over 5000 packages, which had the knock-on effect of making any yum/rpm transaction hideously slow. Also there was so much cruft running as servers or services that the machine crawled. So I’m now reinstalling using no repo’s and it comes to less than 1500 packages, half of which are already installed after 6mins!

I also noticed that my Ubuntu 9.04 machine wants to use DHCP, despite being configured for a static IP, so I’ve disabled DHCP on my router completely now.

I’ve been trying to order that Corsair H50-1 watercooler for when the folks go to England, however nowhere seems to stock it that can deliver it on a specific day or to a non-billing address, so I think I’ll have to wait until they are there and order one for next day courier.

I’ve also been watching The Time Travellers Wife, which was very good and had a unique perspective; charting the life of a guy who randomly gets sucked out of the present and how his wife copes with it.