As BT don’t seem to publish this information, or at least without major trawling of this, I thought I’d make a note of it.

  1. For STMP you have to use authentication (not secure-auth) that is your username and password must be sent. The username is the bit before the of your email address, not the whole address as the BT docs say. Its your account credentials, not your router credentials which are

  2. The servers are and (apparently also

  3. For POP3 you have to enter username and password as per SMTP.

  4. There is no TLS/SSL or STARTTLS support for either protocol.

  5. WebMail.

Also, on a related note, it seems Thunderbird requires a restart after you change a password, otherwise you won’t get the password prompt again but it will still use the previous password, not the one you just entered!

Update: it seems that if you want to send email from your own domain name via the BT SMTP server, you have to get it put on some whitelist! So I think the solution is to just use my own SMTP server and forget the ISP’s one.