I received my new Acer Aspire Revo R3610-M nettop which comes preloaded with Windows7. Plugged it in a wireless is pretty crap on it (could also be the BT Business Hub as I’m getting a stronger signal from nextdoor’s BE-box!) its good enough for surfing but not stable enough even for SD movies.

I Installed Fedora14 and it didn’t even pick up the RT3090 wireless-N card, which is supposed to work with the RT2x00 drivers (awful drivers I’ve used before). It seems the Win7 Revo comes with a different wifi card than the Linux version, which has an ath9k.

So I’m getting some CAT6 dropped down the cavity where the satellite cables go from my bedroom, across the loft and down into the lounge. As I seem to have left most of my network equipment in France, I’ve had to buy stuff like:

  • a PP3 battery for my ethernet cable tester
  • a 5 port gigabit switch from TP-Link
  • 4x 1m of CAT6 patch cable
  • 2x 30m of CAT6 UTP cable
  • 2x double keystone faceplates and back boxes
  • Krone IDC punch tool – better than the basic one that came with my crimper

In fact the other day I even had to buy an IEC power cable (kettle lead)!

That means I can move the router back downstairs so don’t have to run a phone extension cable across my bedroom.

I’m still waiting for my Asus Netbooks to be exchanged/refunded; although WDC were quite quick to exchange my 1.5Tb hard disk.

The 16Gb Bytestor USB flash drives have arrived, they look nice and solid, I got up to 45mbps writes.

I’ve also upgraded WordPress to 3.0.4

Mum, PP and AP have gone back to France this morning, its been nice having the company this week, seems quiet today.