I’m thinking of getting a WinTV Nova HD-S2 card for my PC as there’s a satellite feed right by the computer in my bedroom – albeit with an aerial connector on it, so I’d need a female aerial to female F-type adaptor.

I could watch/record Freesat HD in my bedroom and stream it over the new GigE to the Revo downstairs (which has hardware accelerated HD playback – currently using about 30% CPU watching 720p from BBC iPlayer) and also watch SD Sky using the box in the lounge.

At 85ukp its a lot cheaper than 250ukp for a Humax Foxsat HDR (especially after knocking off 20% VAT), Hell its even cheaper than a non-recording Freesat HD box. Time to fit that second 1Tb hard disk….

This will work so much better than my old WinTV PVR250 which didn’t have a DVB tuner so required a Sky box as well – and was pretty poor even for SD resolution.

Update: I’ve rebuilt JtR 1.7.6 with the new MSCash2 patch on top of Jumbo-9. Fedora 13/14 downloads here.

I’ve also rebuilt Back In Time 1.0.6 and tested on Fedora 14, downloads here.