I’ve compiled some RPM’s of John The Ripper 1.7.6 with the jumbo-12 and early-release-md5-gen-v3 patches applied. I can’t get the hmailserver-02 or intrinsics-2 patches to merge nicely, or build reliably even with manual fudgery.

Its got a bit crazy recently with five patches for 1.7.6 after jumbo-12 which are incompatible with each other and the omp-des-7 patch. They really need to be merged into jumbo-13 or even 1.7.7 or preferably ditch patches altogether and work from Git, but apparently this won’t happen.

I’ve also been trying out Nessus 4.4.1 with my custom plugins, which now number around 190.

I watched TRON: Legacy, which I thought was utter rubbish, and in fact Tron was in it for about three minutes. There were some references to the original, but really it was a standalone film.