I finally got my SFR 3G SIM to work with a little help from PP and SFR rebooting their shitty webserver.

Essentially you have to ask for your password to be reset a few times (do it via SMS with the SIM in your phone, not by email) and eventually it will work. Then in NetworkManager use the following:

  • Number: *99# (not *99***1#)
  • Username: the SIM card’s phone number (as sent to you via SMS, or ‘slsfr' seems to work)
  • Password: your password (as sent to you via SMS, that you login to the website with, or ‘slsfr' seems to work)
  • APN: slsfr (not websfr)
  • Pin: empty

I tested it at the newly blinged-out speedtest.net and got 1.21Mbps download/330Kbps upload from various servers in France/Ireland (ping was 160-200ms!)

I tested my SSH tunnel, YUM and a few websites. This was using the Huawei E160E.

For some reason it disconnected and now I’ve got nothing but DNS lookups again.

Update: I’ve got it to work again now, essentially I keep killing the connection until it comes up properly!