Couple of updates to earlier posts.

#1 my PC is still crashing, so it wasn’t the hard disk (although that did need replacing anyway). My DVD burner is pretty shit these days – it never seems to be able to read the DVD’s it burns, so I’ve unplugged that for now, also I’ve unplugged my webcam, reseated the RAM and a general wiggling of cables etc.

It survived 8.5 hours of mprime torture last night, and 2.5 passes with memtest86+ this morning, without the side fans on, so its not CPU/RAM/heat issues.

I’m pretty sure it is dodgey NIC and/or driver, so need that replacement PCIe card to hurry up from ebay-HK. If its not that, then next up is try a new PSU.

#2 I updated to Calibre 0.7.50 using the binary install method (have to remove /opt/calibre/ first) which fixed the issue with not getting the ratings from Amazon. Showed Mum how to use it to upload to her Kindle3 and also how to download from Amazon.

I watched London Boulevard, which was a pretty good tale of a guy just released from prison trying to go straight. Kiera Knightley played an almost pointless role, but Colin Farrell and Ray Winstone were great gangsters as usual; even Anna Friel played a pretty funny drunk.