Cyanogenmod 7.1.0 nightly 59 with Android 2.3.4 (GRJ22) is available for download. I installed it on my ZTE Blade and it doesn’t seem any better or worse than CM7.0.2 N57, of course this isn’t even 7.1 RC1 yet, its RC0.

I think the main focus of 2.3.4 was on video performance which probably won’t have much of an effect on the lowly Blade which can’t even run Flash.

I’ve also been playing with which is a Calibre plugin to strip the DRM crap from Amazon ebooks so that your ebooks are not tied solely to your Kindle3G, and can be opened on Linux or a non-Kindle ereader application on your Android/Mac for instance.

Plain old 0.29 no longer seems to work since the 2.5 firmware, but the K4 tools add some functionality to it and now you don’t even need a PID, just your Kindle serial number.

Update 1: Nightly 60 is out, I installed it and it seems ok now (after several reboots for some reason). Apparently 7.0.3 stable is coming soon, then development can concentrate on 7.1.0 RC1.

Update 2: Nightly 62 is out as is stable 7.0.3, here’s hoping for kernel 2.6.35 in N63…..

Update 3: Just installed Nightly 63 and its still 2.6.32 albeit with some fixes in it for battery life, I/O performance and touchscreen. There does seem to be a slight hissing after using the loudspeaker, confirmed on the issue tracker.

I also installed new which provides slightly updated Google Apps like Talk with video chat for 2.3.4

Update 4: Nightly 64 is out with some new music player features. Apparently the hissing from the loudspeaker was introduced when a new /system/lib/ was merged in to fix some VOIP issues, sometime after moving to Gen2-only. I tried the patch on N64 but it seems to mute the speaker altogether rather than just stop the hissing!