I hate waiting for things to come from ebay, I sit here every day cursing the Hong Kong postal service, or the French customs and postman; never once considering that I’d either have to pay a fortune or simply wouldn’t be able to get hold of the goods I’m buying without fleabay. They do have some weird shiz on there that you’d never see in the highstreet.

So here’s my list, in order I’m expecting them:

  • Linkcom HD Pro+ headset – £50, Amazon: £80
  • Hard cover for Dad’s Kindle3G – £4, Amazon: £7
  • 16x 3000mA AA rechargeable batteries – £6, Amazon: £25
  • Bottle opener keyring (to replace my much-loved but broken Guinness one) – £1, Amazon: £4
  • VOIP headphones (to replace the ones I bought from Skype for £30) – £1, Amazon: £3
  • Mains/cigarette socket to USB adaptor (charger) – £4, Amazon: £8
  • 7-port powered USB hub (like the D-Link one I paid £25 for) – £4, Amazon: £11
  • 7-LED 3w torch+laser pointer – £2, Amazon: £4 (without laser)

Update: just flashed the smartphone with CM7 nightly 67 which fixes a volume control display bug and some minor issues. I also adb-push’ed the 2nd libaudio.so patch which fixes the loudspeaker hiss issue without muting the phone entirely or breaking SIP. I’ve got a funny feeling that the Facebook app is what causes the battery drain, as it probably uses data sync.