I’ve been trying to figure out how to read epubs from Kobo on my Kindle3G – and Linux for that matter, seeing as how the desktop client has stagnated.

I fired up a VM of MacOSX 10.6.7 and installed Adobe Digital Editions which takes the URLLink.acsm files and downloads DRM-infected .epub files which you can read through the Adobe program.

Well that’s not good enough, so I downloaded ineptepub.pyw and removed the DRM, then imported the .epub’s into Calibre 0.8.1 and converted them to .mobi format suitable for the Kindle and just about any other platform you like.

Power to the people and all that – information is power and Kobo/Adobe are trying to keep it from us!

Its not like its piracy – these are free books or books I’ve purchased and publishers are trying to tell me I can only read it on approved platforms – I can imagine librarians telling people they can only read their books if seated on a green leather sofa wearing +2.5 prescription glasses supping a cup of Earl Grey!