I’m typing this using the new SwiftKey beta.

I quite like the auto-completion and  correction but the feature into like best is that you can enter numbers and symbols by just long-pressing the keys instead of having to switch mode.

I also upgraded to Cyanogenmod nightly 80, which seems OK so far.

I finally figured out how to not show posts from Facebook friends who just seem to post the same old drivel or use FB entirely to advertise their business – hover over their post until the X appears on the right, click that and select “hide posts from…”

Update: I did a full wipe of data, factory reset and dalvik cache clear and re-flashed CM7 N81 and the old gapps-20110307 (apparently 20110503 doesn’t add anything on ARMv6) on my ZTE Blade using the new TPT v5 method – giving me a 160Mb /system partition as my 136Mb one only had a few KB free.

So after about 2 hours of restoring apps and settings manually (restoring using e.g. TitaniumBackup is a sure-fire way to introduce buggy settings so I don’t do it) I have a nice fresh installation with plenty of free onboard RAM, a slightly newer radio driver and properly working fastboot. Although I have had a couple of force-closes from ROMManager, LauncherPro+ and the Sense Clock Applet on boot and whilst using Market, which I’ve never had before…..

I’ve just applied the new libaudio.so patch which essentially reverts the SIP routing fix that created the speaker hiss and battery drain issues in the first place. So those issues are hopefully fixed, but it means using Skype with a headset won’t work again, it just directs it through the speaker.