I’ve given the blog a bit of a makeover as I’m fed up of trying to fudge Google +1 and Facebook Like buttons onto the old CognoBlue theme and G+ was posting the tag cloud content instead of the post itself!

I’ve made a fork of the TwentyEleven theme with some modifications to header.php, footer.php and style.css to make the content wider and get rid of some wasted space. There’s some problems with WP-Syntax too – like the line number background colour is overridden by the main stylesheet, so I’ve put a custom wp-syntax.css in my theme too.

I even made a custom header.jpg with my GIMP skillz! It will be easier to maintain this way rather than trying to merge in all the changes every time I update WordPress. I’ve called my theme Twenty Twelve 😉

I’m using a regular plugin to do the G+1/FB stuff and I’ve removed a couple of plugins and widgets too.