I’ve been playing with compiling Cyanogenmod7’s fork of Koush’s ClockWorkMod Recovery

The github source is here and of course Gerrit for the latest code under review.

First you compile CM7 for your target platform as usual. This is needed to create some supporting libraries and the actual recovery.img file, including the kernel for your phone of course:

. build/envsetup.sh && brunch blade```

Then you create the signed flashable zip:

TARGET_PRODUCT=cyanogen_blade make recoveryzip

That results in out/target/product/blade/utilities/update.zip

You can also set the product to zte_blade but because it will differ from the CM7 build target, it will recompile a lot of stuff, but it still works just fine (in fact that’s what I have installed).

ROMManager still reports the version as, but when you boot into recovery it shows as “CWM-based recovery”. It seems to be faster doing backups than Koush’s version as it doesn’t output verbose messages and progressbars.

Update: just noticed the zip isn’t actually suitable for a first-time recovery install, its only an update to replace a stock recovery or an earlier clockworkmod. the recovery.img file is is fine though – it includes the kernel and formats the /recovery partition.